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Alexcia Smith


Chef Alexcia is journeying back to her first love, cooking. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts Management from the Culinary Institute of America, she began her career with a large food service corporation. While working full time in the corporate world, Chef Alexcia would always find her way back to the kitchen. Whether serving as a private chef, making beverages, catering events and parties, teaching private cooking lessons or hosting intimate dinners, her passion always led her back to the “heart of the house”.

Chef Alexcia was raised in a Caribbean household where home-cooked meals, delicious beverages and love was paramount.  She could always be found in the kitchen helping her dad grate coconut to make fresh coconut milk for the rice and peas or helping him concoct an outlandish beverage like his “up-it-up13” to wow at the next dinner.  Growing up around food and the love of entertaining, it was inevitable the path Chef Alexcia would take in life.

Once Chef Alexcia decided to fill the void in her career, she left the corporate world to follow one of her lifelong dreams – starting jüs thus sharing her obsession for entertaining, creating inviting meals and delightful beverages.

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